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From Time to Time is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-book formats. I’ll be running a 99-cent Launch Party Sale on the e-book between May 2 and May 7, 2022. Tell your friends and family.

They say the past is the past. An MIT grad student with a time machine is out to prove otherwise. Having lost the love of his life in a tragic car accident the year before, he is determined to jump back in time to rewrite history. But a new love interest has a secret that can stop him dead in his tracks.

Synthesizing multiple genres, From Time to Time manages to be so many different things at once – a love story, a work of science fiction, a compelling thriller, a cautionary tale of the dangers of overstretching the limits of human knowledge and scientific possibility – and yet Homick pulls it off with aplomb. ~Reedsy Discovery

This is perhaps my most ambitious effort due to the subject matter. Time travel is tricky business (please don’t try this at home). I hope you enjoy the read. Feel free to leave a message on the website, a review on Amazon, and/or give me a shout out on Facebook. Your support is much appreciated.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I will be releasing my third novel, Reason to Live, in August 2021. Perhaps 2.5 is a more accurate number than 3. This new book is, in fact, a remake of my first book, A Lifetime Last Night, which is no longer in print.

Like Lifetime, Reason follows Richard Dunham as he navigates his way through a life-changing, near-death experience that helps him realize what is really important in his life. The screenplay adaptation of Lifetime that I wrote a few years ago went through so many revisions that, in my opinion, it came out the other side a much better story. Some of the characters were no longer needed, while others joined the cast. I guess the main difference is that the story is told in a way that is tighter and easier to follow, perhaps a by-product of working in a different medium. In 2018, the screenplay was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

As a result of this metamorphosis, I reverse engineered the movie into book form and Reason to Live, the novel, was born. So, if you’ve read A Lifetime Last Night, you will surely enjoy the improvements, but I thought I should mention it to avoid confusion. If you’ve never read Lifetime, you are in for an enjoyable literary experience.

Updated: May 23, 2023

In 2016, my second novel, Broken Angels, was published by a small publisher in California. A real publisher. I wouldn't have to self-publish again. I was over the moon. Unfortunately, my lunar orbit didn't last long. In 2018, I terminated the agreement for breach of contract. I hadn't been paid any royalties for eighteen months. I did eventually receive some of the money, but now I had an unpublished manuscript that nobody would touch because it had been previously published.

Back to self-publishing. I dusted it off, gave it a new cover and ISBN, and put it back out there. There were challenges. For example, all the great reviews I'd received on Amazon were attached to the old book that was no longer in print. Bummer.

My hope is that the three unpublished manuscripts that I'm sitting on will find success, and Broken Angels can ride their wake.

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