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From Time to Time

Release Date:  April 15, 2022

Formats:  Softcover and Kindle e-book

Publisher:  Blue Knight Media

Book Description

They say the past is the past. An MIT grad student with a time machine is out to prove otherwise. Having lost the love of his life in a tragic car accident the year before, he is determined to jump back in time to rewrite history. But a new love interest has a secret that can stop him dead in his tracks.

When Zac Taylor loses his fiancé in an auto accident, his promising academic career crashes and burns with her. After a year of self-imposed exile and an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he returns to MIT, where Dr. Myles Gordon persuades him to complete his dissertation in quantum physics.

Rachel Lockhart moves to Cambridge looking for information. Myles hires her to be Zac’s research assistant. Zac doesn’t want an assistant, especially one who reminds him of his dead fiancé. Despite his reluctance, they grow close.

Zac’s teleportation experiments produce an unexpected result—time travel. When his time machine is stolen, Zac must retrieve it and outrun everyone on his mission to save the love of his life.

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