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Third One is a Charm

I will be releasing my third novel, Reason to Live, in August 2021. Perhaps 2.5 is a more accurate number than 3. This new book is, in fact, a remake of my first book, A Lifetime Last Night, which is no longer in print.

Like Lifetime, Reason follows Richard Dunham as he navigates his way through a life-changing, near-death experience that helps him realize what is really important in his life. The screenplay adaptation of Lifetime that I wrote a few years ago went through so many revisions that, in my opinion, it came out the other side a much better story. Some of the characters were no longer needed, while others joined the cast. I guess the main difference is that the story is told in a way that is tighter and easier to follow, perhaps a by-product of working in a different medium. In 2018, the screenplay was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

As a result of this metamorphosis, I reverse engineered the movie into book form and Reason to Live, the novel, was born. So, if you’ve read A Lifetime Last Night, you will surely enjoy the improvements, but I thought I should mention it to avoid confusion. If you’ve never read Lifetime, you are in for an enjoyable literary experience.


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