Reason to Live

Release Date:  Fall 2020

Formats:  Softcover and Kindle e-book

Publisher:  Blue Knight Media

Book Description

Imagine waking up in a hospital with no memory. You think you know your name, but the hospital staff disagrees. Confusion turns to terror when you look in the mirror and a stranger looks back.

You insist your name is Richard, but everyone calls you Michael. Everyone, that is, except a small, gray-haired man who shows up at your bedside with tall tales of a life—and death—for which you have no recall. He suggests that unfinished business has fueled your return and urges you to cooperate to avoid a one-way ticket to the psych ward.

As Michael regains his strength, memories surface—a failing marriage and a man accused of infidelity. He’s not happy with what he sees and wonders how he could have been capable of such despicable behavior.

While he struggles to navigate his new life, the father who had left him as a child, returns from the grave to atone for his mistakes. This apology from the ghost of a man he despised is met with ambivalence. His father suggests things are not always as they appear.

New memories prove that, while Richard had been guilty of many poor choices, infidelity was not one of them. Richard, now Michael, inserts himself into the life of his former wife, Emily, to redeem himself and mend her broken heart.

When the obstacles in his path appear insurmountable, Richard must make a choice. Will he let his past determine his future, or will he discover that it’s never too late to be what he might have been?

Book Notes

Reason to Live is a re-make of my first Novel, A Lifetime Last Night, which is now out of print. I don’t think it makes sense to have two books with similar characters and story line.

I did so many rewrites of the screenplay adaptation, that I changed the name to Reason to Live. I wanted to have a book available that closely followed the movie, so I adapted the screenplay back into a book by the same name. The writing is much tighter than in the original book and the story told in a way that is more linear and easier to understand.

So, if you’ve read A Lifetime Last Night, you may find parts of this new book redundant. You will surely enjoy the improvements, but I though I should mention it to avoid confusion.

"An extremely engaging piece of literature with a solid, well-crafted storyline and full of profound insights about human nature, relationships, and time. I had trouble putting this book down."

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