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What's Next?

Thank you for your continued interest in my Rain Mystery Trilogy. Here's what's next!


Rain Dance

(Rain Mystery Trilogy Book 2)

Release Date:  February 11, 2023

Formats:  Softcover and Kindle e-book

Publisher:  Blue Knight Media

Book Description

Separating truth from lies continues to be a messy—and dangerous—business.

Dillon Bishop thinks he’s leaving trouble behind when he moves from Texas to live on the Colorado horse ranch that girlfriend Jenny Lee inherited from her Uncle Roy. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that trouble has a way of finding him wherever he goes.

When Buck, the ranch foreman, suggests that Roy was murdered, Dillon writes it off as the ramblings of a crusty old cowboy who likes his liquor a little too much. But Buck’s not alone in his opinions, and Dillon pokes a sleeping bear when his accusations put him at odds with the local sheriff.

When Jenn is arrested for Roy’s murder, Dillon must find the real killer as dangerous lines are drawn within the community. Dillon is once again forced to do battle with corrupt law enforcement, as well as the large marijuana farm that wants Jenn’s land, and others closer to home whose motives are thrown into doubt.

Truth is in short supply in this little Colorado town, and Dillon finds himself drawn into another conspiracy that could cost him everything.

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