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What's Next?

Thank you for your continued interest in my Rain Mystery Trilogy. Here's what's next!


Fire and Rain

(Rain Mystery Trilogy Book 3)

Release Date:  April 11, 2023

Formats:  Softcover and Kindle e-book

Publisher:  Blue Knight Media

Book Description

Separating truth from lies continues to be a messy—and dangerous—business.

An unexpected knock on your door when you live in the middle of nowhere is never a good thing. When the man at the door claims to be the husband of the woman to whom you are about to propose, it becomes a nightmare.

The stranger wants more than Dillon’s girl. He wants the horse ranch she inherited from her uncle. Dillon vows to protect his new family, but his efforts only seem to strengthen the stranger’s resolve and the danger escalates to blackmail, kidnapping, and attempted murder.

When the stranger is found dead, Dillon becomes the prime suspect. Finding the real killer presents a moral dilemma when the evidence forces him into a difficult decision where black and white becomes gray.

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