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Don't Curse the Rain

(Rain Mystery Trilogy Book 1)

Release Date:  November 11, 2022

Formats:  Softcover and Kindle e-book

Publisher:  Blue Knight Media

Book Description

Separating truth from lies can be a messy—and dangerous—business.

Two tours in Afghanistan couldn’t help Dillon Bishop put his past behind him. When his father's death calls him back to his hometown after ten years, he returns to discover that his father may have been murdered. But truth is in short supply in this little Texas town.

The return of his estranged mother after going AWOL for sixteen years throws gasoline on the fire when she seeks his forgiveness even as she becomes a prime suspect. His questions uncover the trail of another mystery—the disappearance of his younger brother ten years earlier—and the motives and actions of those he thought he could trust are thrown into doubt.

While Dillon dreams of a fresh start and a new life in Colorado with his girlfriend Jenny Lee, he struggles with moving on before settling old scores. As painful memories resurface and the lines between seeking the truth and exacting revenge are blurred, Dillon finds himself drawn into a conspiracy that could cost him everything.


~Traci Medford-Rosow, USA Today bestselling author of Unsheltered Love, Unblinded, and Inflection Point.

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